demo 2009

by manqué

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all the tapes on this demo were individually recorded live, so these aren't the actual tracks on it, but the songs. they all had a random cover song.


released October 1, 2009



all rights reserved


manqué Vermont

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Track Name: suicide pact
dear justin,
please don't say that you wanna die to me
cuz just in case you forgot,
theres people out there like me
who care a whole lot about you
dear justin, please don't break our suicide pact
cuz if i have to do it alone, i'm not gonna be happy
i know you think you're going crazy but baby,
i'm already there
i just wish that i could make you happy, and if i could
sure, i'd move to allston with you
but for now please, don't do anything less
than take good care of yourself
at least for me
dear justin, you know i love you to death
and if my life wasn't such a wreck,
you know i'd come and fix yours
Track Name: i hope this breaks your heart
i've been thinking about how i cant live without
waking up next to you
and ive been thinking about
how i dont care about anything but you
even though i'm absolutely against the concept
(of marriage...)
i wasn't lying when i asked "will you marry me?"
and even though its a completely ridiculous concept,
i was completely serious when i said "let's go to hawaii"
cuz i've been thinking about how i cant live without waking up next to you
and i've been thinking about how i don't care about anything but being with you
it's something about the way you laugh
it's something about everything about you...
Track Name: forget me knots in my stomach
i keep picking up and hanging up the phone
i keep walking to your house and turning around
this bike will never go fast enough to
to get me far enough
and these headphones won't go loud enough
to make me, forget
will you remember me this weekend there?
when you're too many states away
to care, to count, or to drive across
and this bed feels to empty
as lightning strikes, and rain comes through the window
yeah, i hope, that you're not getting wet
cuz if i was with you now
i would hold the biggest umbrella over your head
even though, even though
you'd probably just push me in the puddles anyway
and the leaves are swirling on the pavement
shaping the words we'll never say
i hope you come back from ohio
or at least i hope you're having the time of your life
i'll be here, listening to LIFETIME!
and wishing i could fall asleep
and this bed feels to empty as
lightning stikes and rain comes though our window
yeah, i hope that you're not getting wet
Track Name: never say forever
are you really gonna watch me walk away again?
cant you just chase after me like in some shitty movie?
i think your hearts in the wrong place
maybe somewhere between your spleen and kidneys
why don't you let me cut you open
and put it back where it belongs
i'm pretty sure i can live with the blood on my hands
you seem to be doing a pretty good job of that
i guess your hands got sick of mine
maybe i held too tight